A glimpse into the visionary goals of Florid Feelings and our founder, Marlee.

A glimpse into the visionary goals of Florid Feelings and our founder, Marlee.

Revisit a recent conversation with one of our valued partners, Glasmeister. We are pleased to share the highlights and behind-the-scenes insights that emerged from this conversation, providing you a glimpse into the core values of Florid Feelings and the visionary goals of our founder, Marlee.

A Blossoming Vision

Marlee Leliveld, the founder of Florid Feelings, is on a mission to redefine beauty in the skin and hair care industry. Her journey began with a deep-seated desire to challenge the status quo in the beauty industry. She recognised the pitfalls of mainstream beauty brands that often value profit over people. As a result, Florid Feelings emerged from the need for an alternative to the synthetic, superficial products flooding the market.

Nature's inspiration

Underlying Florid Feelings is a deep connection to nature. Marlee is fascinated by the versality of flowers and plants – their ability to exude softness and natural beauty while retaining their inherent strength. It is this delicate balance between nature’s gentleness and its inherent power that Florid Feelings seeks to capture in its products.

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Sustainability as a core principle

Florid Feelings strongly believes that a greener beauty industry truly begins with where ingredients and materials are sourced and who or what is supported with them. Sourcing from far-flung locations at a fraction of the costs ultimately costs more in the long term, from customers trust to the carbon footprint we leave behind. We believe in celebrating like-minded brands that share our commitment to authentic beauty.  Marlee stressed, Glasmeister shares our commitment to quality and sustainability. Glasmeister’s sustainable glass products have helped us make our core values tangible. The use of Glasmeister's glass bottles provide both literal and figurative transparency. Our customer’s express that, through the visible emphasis on our core values, they perceive Florid Feelings as an honest and pure brand.''

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