Born from passion, fueled by integrity and dedicated to your well-being.

True Beauty

Founded by a passionate young woman from the Netherlands, florid feelings was born from the desire to offer an alternative to the synthetic, superficial self-care products flooding the market.

At florid feelings, we believe that true beauty comes from a self-care routine that enhances rather than disrupts (our) nature. Our founder ambitiously set out to deliver this refinement to everyone's daily routine. Every step and every choice has since then been inspired by our principles of purity, sustainability and transparency.

Our essence

'Florid Feelings' are the result of self-love and consciously spending time on yourself. They represent carefree indulgence in daily self-care. With great care, we have made 'florid feelings' tangible in luxurious self-care products you can truly enjoy, without having to compromise on ethics or quality.

Our all-natural skincare and haircare is inspired by the simplicity of botanicals, enriched with scientifically proven ingredients. This blend ensures that each formulation is gentle yet potent, to assist you in embracing your natural beauty with confidence.

Transparency & Sustainability
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