Made in the Netherlands

Our products are proudly crafted in the Netherlands. We collaborate only with carefully selected partners in Europe who share our values of transparency, sustainability, and quality.

Our commitment to local development promotes fair labor practices, product quality, and reduces carbon emissions associated with international transportation. Our dedication to these principles ensures that our customers receive products that align with their values.

(Ingredient) Transparency

Our brand was born with a commitment to offer complete ingredient transparency. Every product we craft contains only natural, and a minimum of 80% certified organic ingredients.

We say YES to:

  • Natural preservatives (rosemary)
  • Natural fragrance
  • Organic ingredients
  • Natural, active ingredients
  • Clinical, scientific testing
  • Vegan formulas

We say NO to:

  • Harsh chemicals (like parabens, sulfates)
  • Synthetic preservatives (like benzyl alcohol)
  • Synthetic fillers (like silicones)
  • Synthetic fragrance (parfum)
  • Microplastics
  • Mineral oil
  • Artificial coloring
  • Animal testing
  • Animal ingredients
Small batches

At florid feelings, we firmly believe in the principle of 'less is more.’ The products we offer are backed by our personal commitment and belief in their excellence. Therefor, we prioritize quality over quantity and produce our products in small batches.

With this approach we actively discourage excessive discounts and mass production. We want you to encourage making a thoughtful choice when purchasing our products, as you deserve the best care for yourself.

High-quality materials

We use high-quality materials to ensure the longevity of your product, because we believe in the efficient use of resources and minimizing waste. The materials we use to package our products are always from Europe, recyclable and/or made from recycled materials. In addition, our elegant, glass oil bottles are crafted in Germany from sustainable glass. These bottles specifically are:

  • Designed for recycling
  • Made from recycled content
  • Produced with renewable energy
  • CO2-friendly produced
  • Made in Europe

Supporting local initiatives

By developing and sourcing our products in the Netherlands and Europe, we actively support local businesses and initiatives. This means that every time you shop with us, you, in turn, contribute to a local initiative. Your support plays a crucial role in making a positive impact on the communities we work with, fostering sustainability and empowering local artisans and suppliers.

Your choice to shop with us not only means acquiring high-quality products but also participating in a larger movement towards a greener and more responsible beauty industry.

Enjoy your daily self-care, care-free with florid feelings